Environmental Policy

Our green credentials...

Luce Bay Plant Hire Limited is committed to upholding and maintaining its Waste Environmental Management Systsem that controls the impacts the company’s waste management activities may have upon the enviornment, consistent with its environmental objectives and targets and legal requirements.

Luce Bay Plant Hire Limited recognises the importance the general public and wider community place on environmental issues which is why our aim is to foster a resolute and attentive attitude through adherence to our environmental policies and methodologies.

In order to achieve these aims, Luce Bay Plant Hire Limited is committed to ensuring:

  • We comply with all statutory requirements
  • Where practical, utilising up-to-date and proven technology with due regard to its effect on the environment
  • Regular maintenance of plant, including road vehicles 
  • We seek ways to improve our environmental performance
  • The general public has access to our environmental policy 
  • Our own carbon footprint is minimised
  • The environmental policy is monitored for effectiveness
  • A commitment to the prevention of pollution
  • The Waste Environmental Management System is continually improved
  • All environmental objectives and targets are reviewed periodically for effectiveness
  • Employees receive appropriate training 
  • We identify and seek advice for the protection of wildlife and flower species.

Luce Bay Group is situated in the beautiful countryside of the Rhinns of Galloway, south-west Scotland